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    This Australian has become an Instagram superstar crocheting ridiculous food-shaped hats

    An Australian guy has gained Instagram popularity by crocheting food-shaped hats, then snapping selfies while he models them with a bummed-out or bored expression.

    It appears rather strange. But for some factor, the photos are tempting.

    The male behind the account is Phil Ferguson, which both crochets the hats as well as models them in the images. Because starting the account much less than a year earlier, he's amassed 116,000 followers.

    Ferguson informed BI he's been crocheting for 4 or five years. He started when he was burnt out one day and wished to experiment with weaving with his sister.

    "For many years I have actually done a little bit occasionally however I have never done as long as I have since I started my Instagram," he said.

    His crocheted productions are often meals- or emoji-inspired. He developed the one envisioned below since he works in a burger store.

    He's made a few hats that aren't food-related, yet he believes he'll stick to the meals ones for the time being since it's become his hallmark, he stated.

    I asked why Ferguson looks so severe in many of his images. "That is the regrettable combo of having eyebrows that slope down and a mustache that additionally slopes down," he claimed. "It's simply what my face appears like interestingly enough!".

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